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Wine Selection - Royal India - Indian Cuisine - Reno, NV

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  • Royal India - Review Google
    Very amazing dining experience. Lovely staff who really care about the food they serve. They don't have all their alcohol yet but are very awesome about telling you. Amazing food and atmosphere. Highly recommend.
    Garret Struzik
  • Review - Royal India - Reno, NV
    Just ate here for the first time! Customer service is awesome, food is great! I had the buffet and got the Chicken Curry and Chicken Marsala and rice. They also brought out a ton of Naan that was awesome as well. Highly suggest if your looking for good Indian food in Reno! Restaurant is very clean, spacious and comfortable.
    Geoffrey Shields
  • Review - Royal India Cuisine- Reno, NV
    Really good food and the owners are really nice people. I would encourage anyone to grab some food here and spread the word!
    Dillon Billingsley
  • Royal India - Reno, NV
    Amazing restaurant with great food. Get a Taj Mahal if you like a smooth light beer. Definitely recommend this place!
    Kevin mutoff
  • Indian Food - Reno, NV
    Food is great. Very good dining experience. Everyone there was very nice. Buffet is 8.99.
    John Kieffer
  • Indian food -Reno, NV- Royal India - Indian Cuisine
    Excellent North Indian food - not heavy, great blend of spices even when we requested "mild" because of my elderly mother. Friendly service. Varied menu. We especially liked the dal and an interesting combination dish of saag and eggplant bharta. Nice decor. Quiet, also good for the elderly with hearing issues.
    Laura Ashkin